Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a typical day here...

Somehow I got roped into being the Saturday morning teacher for first communion classes for Katie's class.  I do not know how that happened and if I ever figure it out I may have to kick myself pretty hard.  This filled a solid six weeks of Saturday mornings.

The kids are in the church's live-action re-enactment of the Passion for Palm Sunday.  This required six or more weeks of practice, all Sunday early afternoon.

The kids are also in choir, which has weekly practice Sunday morning and then performance in the service Sunday morning.

The same woman that ropes me into teaching Saturdays managed to twist my arm into teaching Sunday school nearly once a month, too.

Also?  There are parent meetings for first communion and occasionally an extra requirement to attend a mass on a Saturday or a performance on a Saturday.

This all added up to today:

1. Katie and I had to be at church at 9:15 to set up for her/my 9:30 class, then class from 9:30-11:10, song practice from 11:10-11:30, then a prayer service in the church from 11:30-12:00.  Oh, and since the sign-language teacher didn't show up, and for some reason I was the only person that remembered the signs from last week, I got to guide the sign-language interpretive movements for the kid both during practice and the prayer service.  Also?  My class was in charge of the prayer service so I had to pick 6 kids to do readings and go up to the ambo twice with them.  One of the girls started crying quiet distraught tears because she didn't see her dad.  Fun times.

2. Rob had to be at the "parents meeting" for first communion on from 10-11.

3. Katie and Jorge were supposed to be at the final dress rehearsal for the Passion Play re-enactment from 10-12:30-ish.

4. August is alive.

5. The Passion re-enactment kids then had a pizza party from 12-ish to 1-ish.

6. The Passion kids then had to find rides to a nursing home 25 minutes away to perform the show for the residents, starting at 1:30.

7. August needed a nap.

8. I had offered to stop and pick up 5-6 bouquets of fresh flowers to give to the residents.  I got stuck in the line of the world's slowest scanner who apparently also medaled as the world's slowest bagger and, by luck, the Only Man Alive Who Still Writes Checks But Can't Find A Pen was in front of me so it took us over 15 minutes to check out with flowers.

9. Upon completion of the kid's church triathlon, we came home, made our second batch of bread for the day, and are now headed to Grandma's for Family Time.  Tomorrow we have church from 10AM until about 2 PM and then I think we're down to just the usual craziness of Easter week with 3 kids and two jobs and THE NEVER ENDING SNOW.  OH SWEET CRACKERS THE SNOW.

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