Sunday, March 03, 2013

First Communion Preview (And 52 weeks photo: Vintage)


Katie is making her First Communion in May.  Last weekend her grandma and I went shopping for a dress and accessories and found the perfect combination of elegant and sweet.  She'll have a veil, better hair, and probably a different necklace option on the real day.

I've missed a few weeks of photos--life!  The theme of the 52 photos project last week was "vintage" and even though our whole house is antique-ish, I thought of this photo.  There's something so timeless and classic about the whole look.  If I knew how to selectively soft-focus a bit better in a photo editing software and could better hide the TV and games and stuff in the background you could imagine this being a photo from the 70's or 50's or ...


  1. Oh! She looks so beautiful! I didn't even notice all the stuff in the background until you mentioned it. I was too busy looking at how grown-up she is getting and wondering how the time is speeding up every year.

  2. Oh, wow! The editing really gives it a great vintage feel.
    Thank you for sharing.