Saturday, February 09, 2013

Finished Projects

Part of my new year's resolutions this year was to get my many many craft projects under control.  No more than two of any type of craft going at any point.  To that end I started the year with these projects on the needles, so to speak:

C1. A blue-and-orange blanket for Project Linus  X
C2. A reclaimed rug out of denim and tshirt scraps   X
C3. A reclaimed rug out of plastic bags
C4. A shawl for a relative
C5. A thin scarf for myself which I'm not thrilled with and need to completely frog and re-think.

K1. Wool slippers for Rob.  Started last summer, still only have the bottom of one slipper completed.
K2: Not sure these count as knitting so much as darning, but need to re-knit the elbow of Rob's favorite sweater and holes in his favorite wool socks.

E1. A set of 4 animal print chicken scratch patterns  X

S1. A quilt for my cousin's baby (needed to finish E1 to put them in this)  X
S2. A quilt for another relative  X
S3. Various clothing projects for the kids including more pull-on jeans for August.  These are mostly 1-sitting projects and I'm not sure they count as works-in-progress any more than the mending in general.   X
S4. Several purses for the cafe where I donate them in exchange for coffee.

As of today:
C1 is done:
C1: For Project Linus.  50"x70"

C2: 30" Diameter rug made of denim and tshirt strips
C2 is done, although as I get more tshirts I may occasionally add more rings.

I finsihed E1 and nearly completed S1 a few weeks ago and posted about it here.

Two weeks ago I also patched some of Rob's jeans and made August 3 new pair of pull-on elastic-waist jeans (so much easier to potty train without snaps and zippers!).  General S3 things--lengthening pants, fixing zippers, re-attaching trimmings...there are at least three odds and ends each week.

It's still early.  Today I still plan to go to the fabric store to get the materials to finish S1 (backing materials) and S2 (a few more front materials and some backing), and try to find the right wool to do the K2 mending projects.

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