Monday, February 04, 2013

Dear Jorge, at six


Last week we celebrated your sixth birthday, and this weekend marked our fifth anniversary of meeting you for the first time.

You wanted a Lego birthday and a castle birthday and ended up with a Lego-castle-made-of-rice-krispie-treats birthday.  And this essentially summarizes your passions: Legos, building things, medieval stuff, dragons, dinosaurs, super heroes, science projects, and anything with the potential for mess and danger.

You've been obsessed with cooking for several months.  You got cookbooks and cooking utensils for Christmas and have been up to your elbows every chance you get.  You talk constantly of opening a restaurant and what you will and won't serve in it.  One day you perked up mid-stirring: "Mom, do you know why I like cooking?"


"Because it's messy.  And it can get really messy.  And it's sort of dangerous."


You're a natural leader.  The kids at school flock to you and the teachers rave about what a leader you are.  However, with great power comes great responsibility.  You tend to clown and generally fail to read the room before clowning which means we spend a lot of time reminding you about appropriate behavior.  And most days, being superman all day school wears you out for home.  But endurance will come.

My wish for you is also my wish for me: more patience, more trust, more peace, more smiles, more flashes of joy, more sharing, more gratitude, more laughing, more dancing, more rest.

Happy birthday, our Flyin' Mayan, Super Jorge, Jorgie-man.  Six promises to be an epic year.


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  1. Happy belated birthday, Jorge. I've loved reading about your adventures and mountains to climb and the triumphs of making it to the top. Happy month of Jorge!!