Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The jar better be wrong on a few counts...

Hopes.  Plans.  Goals.  Resolutions.  Call it what you want, we all have big ideas in early January.  Katie found a suggested activity in an American Girl magazine that called for each person to write down a few predictions for the coming year.  Those would be tucked into a jar and set aside until next new year's eve.  So Monday night after the kid-friendly party we filled out 15 or so predictions and tucked them away.  We'll see what the new year brings.

As for me, my new years resolution is that one simple thing that manages to cover nearly every typical one: Take Care of My Body.  This means: get stronger, lose weight, eat healthier, drink an insane amount of water (note: my current "practically none" is also insane; aiming for the other end of the spectrum), get consistently adequate sleep, go to a doctor and a dentist and the eye doctor (yes, Julie, ALL of them), take my vitamins, floss (daily?  no.  Occasionally?  Maybe more than that?  Weekly?  This seems feasible.  Also stop skipping the occasional nightly tooth-brushing as if you're getting away with something, Julie.  You aren't.).

Right.  So, of course I have a weight loss goal, but the rest of it is as much or more important to me.  Appreciating the health I have rather than my current attitude: taking it for granted until I manage to run this bag of bones into the ground.


--Finish at least one craft project before starting new ones.
--[[Research and career goals go here.  I can't look at them right now without crying and/or panicking. ]]
--Spend more quality time with the kids.
--Less Facebook, more blogging, with a net result of less computer time.
--75 books  (read 78 in 2012 with the same goal of 75)
-- [[seriously, career related goals suck up all of my joy.]]

Right then.

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  1. I started flossing mostly so the next time I visit the dentist I can say, "yes, I do floss." I'm going for shock value, as I just had an obscene amount of "cavities that ALL could have been prevented by flossing" filled.