Thursday, January 03, 2013

Random unpromoted product gushing: Eye-Fi cards

I don't do any product plugs for money. That would involve having site traffic of more than you three people. But if I find a product I love I do like to note it.

 That said, I can't recommend the EYE-FI card strongly enough. Rob got me one (the 8G Pro) for Christmas and I LOVE it. If you use a camera that has an SD card and no wireless (i.e. not your phone) then this is a hugely awesome thing.

It comes with a USB-plug card-reader gadget that you use on your desktop/laptop so that you can configure the SD card to log into your home wireless and some other preferences. Then just stick the card in your camera's SD slot and use as normal.  It's 8G so I can take 4,000 high quality photos on that card before it's full and I have to delete things.  Then, anytime you're home and turn the camera on it sends all of your new images (full size quality, up to RAW) to that laptop or desktop as well as the eye-fi online directory, and you can choose something like flickr, shutterfly, picasa, facebook, snapfish, etc as an additional upload location.  I love taking a photo and knowing that by the time I get to my laptop it will be ready and waiting.

Ok, back to regular business.

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