Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On the 8th, 9th, and 10th day of Christmas Break we had GUESTS!


Cindy & PJ met us at the Play Museum which is just over an hour west of us (and 450 miles north-east of them.  Whatever, it's technically "in the middle".).  The kids walked around a corner and there they were!  What!?

Goodness, they grow up fast.
We had all imagined this sort of screaming, crying, laughing, joyous meltdown of a surprise.  So the somewhat casual "Oh, Cool!" response was a bit disappointing.  Or in the sentiments of a certain sister of mine (expressed to me, not the kids): "You jerks. We drove 7 hours, I want happy tears."


We spent the whole afternoon exploring the museum and then considered going to a nice restaurant, but the kids were obviously exhausted. So instead we hit a faster option, changed the boys into footie pajamas, and drove home.  Both boys fell asleep en route and were dumped into bed; Katie stayed awake but headed to bed almost immediately after we got home.  The adults are never as smart and instead stayed up past 1 AM talking and laughing.  A lot.  Oh, heavens, I love these people.

Sunday we played hooky all day.  Cindy and I hit the outlet mall mid-afternoon in a quest for new jeans and some boots and some new perfume (total fail on all counts) while the boys and the kids played in the snow.  Dinner, tubbies, bedtime, and another late late late night of four adults playing the kids' games and laughing so hard it hurt.  At one point I was taking a sip of water and--for the 3rd time in an hour--dribbled water on my shirt.  I caught Rob giving me an odd look out of the corner of my eye just as I had a mouth FULL of ice water, and I busted up laughing so hard that I did a spit-take and sprayed water in every direction and fell down as I tried to get to the bathroom for a towel.  Rob literally fell on the floor laughing and Cindy and PJ--with no idea what started this explosive soaking experience--just laughed at our spectacle.  I was coughing and laughing for a solid hour. Good times.

Monday the kids baked muffins with Cindy and PJ and then Cindy and I went to the mall to try again.  20+ pairs of jeans later, we found pants we liked (though super-tall people will have to order extra-long varieties online) and I found a perfume I really liked.  No boots (no problems.).  We spent the early evening at the church's New Years Eve party complete with balloon drop at 8:30, then came home for a sparkling grape juice toast and kidlet bedtimes.  The adults were flagging by this time but pulled through until 12:05 and then all headed to bed.  Happy New Year!

This morning our guests headed home and we're all trying to remember how to entertain ourselves.  It's not going very well.  Much bickering and pouting.  The kids aren't much better.

Six more days of break (including today.  It's still a long haul until bedtime.)

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