Friday, January 04, 2013

On the 14th day of Christmas Break...oh lands, just go back to school!

The public schools all went back in session Wednesday so we've spent the last few days doing all the local kid things with nearly no other kids in sight.  Yesterday we met a friend at the practically empty museum of science and technology (MOST) and today we met up with 2 families worth of friends at a completely empty roller rink.  More on that will follow.

While at the MOST on a sloggy, freezing, snow-filled day, we managed to get two (yes two!) parking violations since we drove separately and apparently have not remembered to get our cars inspected.  One was three whole days overdue (urgh!) and the other 7 months (oops!).  No amount of recognizing that it was a valid ticket made up for the fact that I was standing in a slushy snowy street wrangling two tired boys, and, as I tried to toss my bags into the front seat, August went ahead and helped himself into the car and stomped giant muddy wet slushy footprints all over Jorge's seat and the back of the car's seat.  There was much rage toward the sky and some shaking of fists in general.

Deeeeeep breath.  Three more days.

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