Sunday, January 13, 2013


All day at work on Friday I kept thinking "Something just feels wrong.  Something's wrong."  I was exhausted and foggy brained, but mostly I just felt icky.

No, this is not leading into a pregnancy announcement.  If you even considered it, go pinch yourself.  Hard.  No.

No, this leads to a flu-ish yuck.  I came home Friday and managed to help with bedtimes but was so wiped out that I was in bed myself by 7:30.  I came out of bed a few times Saturday for 15-20 minutes each, mostly to grump and yell and then stomp back up to bed for a few more hours.

Sunday, 38 hours after I went to bed, Rob reminded me I had volunteered to teach Sunday school this morning.

And so I'm up and dressed and just barely survived a trip to the grocery.  Rob is coming down with it now and, of course, my classes start tomorrow.  Here's hoping the kids manage to avoid this.

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