Saturday, January 19, 2013

52 weeks photo project

Background: In February of 2011 I did a "photo of the day" guided photography course called Joy of Love.  It was really fun, and I learned a few new techniques, but mostly it I liked having a reason to think about new ways to photograph something I take for granted--the kids in their pajamas, Rob on his bike, whatever.  I also liked posting them to a small group of fellow newbies in order to get some new ideas, feedback, or encouragement for the pictures.

52 Photos ProjectThis year I'm doing a longer term (but lower daily effort) project which gives a prompt each Sunday. Photos are shared every Wednesday through Saturday, roughly.


This week's prompt (which was posted a week ago but I just started today) is "Wide Open Spaces".

I grew up in rural Ohio where "wide open" is pretty much just walking out the door.  Fields in every direction with the occasional farmhouse, barn, or small stand of trees being the only thing between you and the horizon.  No hills.

Now we live in central NY where the scenery is undeniably pretty with rolling farmlands and red barns mixed with lakes and rivers and forests.  But some days I just want that me-and-the-horizon type of openness where I can take a deep breath and see what's coming at me.  On those days we head to the lake.

Wide Open Spaces G39
W39: Wide Open Spaces (my week 1)
(Click for larger image)

FYI: I have access to a very basic photo editing software so my images may be cropped or have the colors tweaked a little for saturation, but that's it.  No awesomely clever composite shots for me.  


  1. Sweet shot -- nice to see the kids having fun. Also nice you caught just a bit of lavender reflecting from the clouds.

    1. Thanks, I like the colors, too. Hard to believe it was late November in CNY!

  2. You're right. Sometimes our similarities are eerie.

    In college I traveled with a friend to Georgia to visit her family. Up and down we drove, and up and down and up and down and around and... trees! Everywhere, trees! It was beautiful. I was amazed. But I kept thinking as soon as we got to the top of the next hill, I would be able to see out and around me and breathe.
    When we flew back and we drove into my rural Idaho hometown, and I could see for miles - ahhhhh! It was so good to see.
    (Gorgeous photo. I love this meme already)

    1. Exactly. :) There's something anxiety inducing about not seeing more than a 1/4 mile around. Thanks!

    2. I had this experience in Florida. Not so much in NY, because where we lived at the time it was hilly and that provided some distance views.

  3. Love the composition of this capture!