Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For lack of any major things...

1. Late last summer a music CD was apparently checked out on one of our library cards and never seen again. I finally paid the $15 fee and moved on.  We found it today.  It would appear we now own it.

2. I went back to the Zumba studio for the first time in a week after a few days of feeling yucky and then just being busy.  Less than a week away and I felt like I hadn't done anything in months.  I've become one of those sickening people that needs to work out at least every other day or I feel like a schlub.  Quite the turn around from a lifetime of having to bribe myself into doing anything.

3. Parenthood is awesome.  The show.  The reality is as well, generally, but the NBC show is a fine and lovely thing.  Tonight's episode with Julia's adoption concerns and Crosby's awesome big brother encouragement was a tear-fest.  Although I really dislike what they've done with Sarah's story line and the Ray Romano character.  DISLIKE.  You go, cutie-Ritter.

4. The semester is back in swing.  Two whole days of teaching this week, and so, after tomorrow's lectures, we get a week off.  Whew.  Too bad that's not the majority of my job.  Three projects are still under review.  One should have had feedback a few weeks ago, but I'm trying not to climb the walls.  The other two are in the middle of their review cycles.  Three other projects are in various stages of design and data and writing and panic. Always with the panic.  Proposals for presentations are due by the end of this week for a May conference; others due soon for a June conference; others due even later for even later conferences.  Always  with the presentations and the thinking.  Skype conference calls lined up and many many details in constant to-do lists.  Always with the lists.

5.  See, lists.

6. Katie and Jorge had short play-dates with friends tonight, and Jorge was practically asleep in his dinner.  When I pointed out he was very sleepy, he started freaking out and crying and screaming.  When we commented that playdates on school nights may not be a good idea if he was this tired, he started running around in a total panic and crashing into walls.  Little dude can not handle that much fun in one day.  Lesson learned.

7. Rob apparently took August for a walk in the stroller today to run some village errands.  As August was filling me in on the details of that walk, he suddenly got very excited.  "Daddy say 'check out see-saw.'  see saw!  Loud see-saw.  See see-saw.  Loud see-saw.  Check out.  see-saw."  On and on for nearly 2 minutes!  I don't know of any teeter-totter/see-saws at any local parks or why that would have come up, but he was so eager and excited that he clasped my face in his hands and looked deeeep into my eyes with the intensity and gravity of one imparting the meaning of life and repeated a dozen times "loud.  Loud see-saw."  Later, Rob was in on the conversation.  A few critical context questions (i.e. August pointing out the kitchen window as he very sincerely and animatedly told us about the see-saw) and it was solved: Police car.    Rob insists the words "Check out the police car" were never spoken.  Also, the lights were flashing but no siren.  I suspect I would have never guess that one.

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