Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

From our home to yours, with all the candy-canes-in-the-hair and chocolate-smeary-kisses and no-that's-mine! screeching that makes this a childhood dream day.

We had a beautiful sunny snow-filled day that started at 7:30 AM (sleeping in!!) and ran full speed 1000% action packed until 7:30 PM.  August was so confused and amazed by a day that seemed to have no limit to the fun and excitement that he melted down completely at the end (Chocolate!  Candy Canes!  A hobby horse!  A puzzle!  Uncle Don's house!  Grandma!  More presents!  More food!  More people!  More candy!  Tea party!  Augarhgharraagh!!)  (that last one is pretty much the only sound he made for the last hour of his day.  Manic overloaded screaming.).

Last night, at mass, the deacon had the children gather around the altar.  Someone turned off the lights so only the evergreen garlands around the church kept it from pitch blackness.  He then asked the kids to help him open a present and when they lifted the wrapped lid off of the box it was full of about 100 pre-lit battery-powered tealights.  The box seemed to shoot light out into the room and earned a collective "oooooooooh".  Each child took a single light and cupped it in their hands.  They then took another to share with someone in the congregation.  The room lit up.

Spread the light of hope and love--even if it's only to one other person--and the light will fill the world. Blessings and love and peace and joy and healing and light and grace to you--to us--all.

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  1. Haha! Knightley had a similar ending to her day. Yee-haw?

    What a beautiful demonstration of sharing your light! I love it.