Wednesday, November 28, 2012


From the Cast And Crew page:

Llora (yor'-ah) (aka Yo-Yo) -- March 1998 -- rescued barn kitten turned into the world's most useless cat.  Generally not seen, we mainly know she's alive by the occasional accident she leaves on the floor somewhere and the warm dent on the couch pillow in the morning.

We noticed this week that Yo's food was not being depleted and there wasn't a warm dent in the couch and the almost weekly pile of errant poo or vomit hadn't been seen.  A lot of searching later, and we found her, stretched out and peaceful in a cozy corner of the guest bathroom.  RIP, Llora.

Spring 1998 -- Nov 2012.
This is her ignoring you.  YoYo cat doesn't care about you.
In fact, she doesn't even know you exist.
 (It's her signature move.)

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