Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Grateful (still)

Grateful that Maine, Maryland, and Washington state all voted for love and equality over discrimination and that Minnesota rejected an effort to legislate discrimination.

Grateful that we don't have to listen to another 3 months of "just wait until ..." and letting everything sit on hold until then.  It's time for decisions and actions, not more promises and distractions.

Grateful that those legislators most ardently denying the role humans can and should have in preserving our planet and protecting island nations and coastal communities from the effects thus far have been replaced with people willing to take positive action rather than deny and divert.

Hopeful for respectful compromise and decisive action leading toward real solutions to real problems rather than pageantry and bickering and molehills-turned-mountains for political posturing.  (We can all dream, right?)

On a lesser and lighter note:
Grateful that the locally owned mostly-to-charity coffee shop across the street makes amazing (and hippy alert: organic and fair-trade) coffee and sells melt-in-my-mouth macaroons.  Much needed after a 2:30 AM lights-out and 6AM son-up.

Not so grateful that I lost my favorite hat somewhere between our house, the polls, and my parking garage at work.

And now back to my usual slightly-less-vocal liberal hippy self.

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