Friday, November 09, 2012

Becuase I'm currently obsessed with Pride and Prejudice

This?  Is genious.

This whole adaptation is true to the story and yet modernized.  Not the typical modern day adaptation that is a slightly-close-but-mostly-butchered version that typical Hollywood does, but a mostly-true-to-plot-(and often dialogue)-adaptation, with some clever modifications.  (Also, a fair amount of cursing and modern-day crudeness, so maybe turn it way down.

Fair warning: the videos are still being produced and added and currently ends toward the end of her visit to the Collins' residence.  If you don't want to be left hanging, maybe just pretend you didn't see this and come back in another 6-8 months to watch it all at once.

(Thanks, Amanda, for the tip!)


  1. I love Pride and Prejudice and these videos are great so far - thanks for sharing! :)