Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As he sees it...

A few insights into August...

As I carried him around the library tonight he excitedly shouted: "Mama.  I luh-booooo!"  When I told him I loved him, too, he shouted "NO!  I luh-booooo!"

I sat him down and he wandered a few feet away and stood at a crossroads in the library shelves, patiently swinging his hips and watching me.  After a moment he got bored and loudly called: "Hi there mama.  Auggie right here.  Auggie wait mama.  Mama almost ready!?"

(He comes into the kitchen approximately every 30 minutes all day long asking "dinner almost ready?" in his scrumptious 2 year old way.  Kid is a walking stomach.)

Lest this convince you he is pure sunshine and love...

After running four errands and finding ourselves across town with no dinner plans at 6:15, I grabbed three hamburger kids' meals from Burger King.  We came home and settled around the table for a meal.  August picked the burger patty out of his sandwich, examined it, dropped it.  Picked it up, examined it, dropped it.  Picked it up, cocked his head, examined it, dropped it and shouted "No eat.  This is dog poop.  No eat dog poop."

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  1. "No eat. This is dog poop. No eat dog poop."

    LOL. Kids can be SOOOOO funny.

    GenE Shockley