Saturday, October 20, 2012

You may need caffeine to get through this post. I know I do.

So, a few busy days turned into a few busy weeks and then there was downtime but not enough energy to do the busy parts justice and that just got worse and worse and now it's too late.  I either quit blogging forever OR do a bullet-point summary catch-all OR just move on as if nothing happened.

I opt for #2.  Here's the skinny:

My parents came into town as part of their "39th anniversary and mom's retirement and way overdue" vacation tour.  They were heading to Maine and then Connecticut and Pennsylvania so we were a nice first stop.  My car got re-started Friday so we got that home and my parents arrived Friday afternoon.  The plan had been to have them watch the kids and let Rob and I get a date while the kids got a pseudo sleep-over with Grandma and Grandpa.  But Katie's class had an open house thing and so we went there first and then came home to help with bedtime before sneaking out for dessert at The Melting Pot and some mall window shopping.  Two hours alone together and it felt like a week's rest.

Saturday my dad offered to help replace the starter on my car so he and Rob tore that apart and made a few trips to the auto parts store.  Somewhere in there, naturally, the sewer backed up in our basement and I called in the city to check their lines.  No dice.  But dad being dad meant he and Rob were soon downstairs snaking the drain and dealing with all sort of ick and had it fixed.  Meanwhile, mom and the kids took some walks and played their games.  Lovely.  So Dad and Rob went back to fixing the car and on the way home from returning the old starter, dad decided the brakes didn't sound right.  So. my. dad.  And so he tore those apart and did some tinkering and my car is like new.  Crazy.

Did I mention that all happened on their anniversary day?  Thirty nine years.  Love those crazy kids.

So eventually everyone got cleaned up and they kicked us out of our own house again.  Rob and I went to dinner and dessert at some fancy restaurants and cruised the mall a bit more (looking in vain for a mini-golf option) and came home around 10.  Love that man.

Sunday morning, mom and dad went to the early mass and then came back to say their goodbyes before heading out on the next leg(s) of their vacation.  We finished getting ourselves ready, Katie went to choir practice, then all of us went to mass where I taught the bible school study.  Phew!

A somewhat typical week (Katie to the eye doc, I dyed my hair red again after being told I was 'only about 40% gray', Rob taught, the kids had school, blah blah blah) led up to me leaving for a conference in Phoenix, Arizona the next weekend.  Three days of non-stop thinking and talking and thinking and talking and writing and talking and presenting and talking got me home totally jet-lagged and exhausted around midnight Tuesday night.  Wednesday I think I slept for all but 2 stretches of about 3 hours each.  I could not keep my eyes open.  Thursday we had a departmental VIP event with some really important meetings and events so I was at my office from 9AM until 10 PM Thursday but didn't actually sit in my office for more than 5 minutes.  Again 8:30 AM until 5:30 Friday before finally FINALLY getting to come home and see the kids and Rob and have a real meal together for the first time all week.  Today Katie had church meetings early in the morning and I had a social engagement with the boys so we all went our own ways for most of the day.  Errands and cleaning and general nuttery filled the rest of the day.  Tomorrow looks identical (me: take guest speaker to early breakfast, run back to organize coffee & donut hour at church; Rob: take Katie to choir and then boys to church) and then Rob and I have tickets to the opera (!!) (!!!!) for the afternoon and, oh yes, we're fostering a friend's pit bull this weekend.  She goes home tomorrow morning.  She's a very sweet dog but snores something fierce.  We are not designed to be a two (large) dog family on a full-time basis.


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  1. whoa. I'm exhausted and I only read about it all. Good grief, Julie! What a trip!
    (Pretty crazy excited about the opera trip. Which opera?)