Monday, October 29, 2012

Very Harry, take two

Ok, I officially recommend this cookbook to anyone with a Potter fan that may want to learn to cook.

Tonight we (as in the big kids with adult supervision) made Molly's Meatballs in Onion Sauce, fluffy mashed potatoes, and buttered peas for dinner, with another round of pumpkin pasties (and filling-in-a-bowl) for dessert.  Rather than butterbeer, tonight we had pumpkin juice which is really an apple/grape/pineapple/pumpkin blend, light on the pumpkin.

Thanks to the Frankenstorm-i-cain everything is canceled tomorrow--all three of our schools are closed for business.  In anticipation of more energy than patience, tomorrow's plan is to recreate quite a bit of the Honeydukes specialties, specifically the sugar mice, peppermint creams, date-walnut-coconut bonbons (although walnuts make my tongue feel fuzzy so probably pecan instead), and perhaps the 1-2-3 chocolate peanut butter crunch bonbons (For those in the know, think buckeyes with rice krispies mixed into the peanut butter balls).  If we're feeling feisty and the stores are open, we may even do a treacle tart!

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