Friday, October 05, 2012

Up and running!

The AAA service got the car running again thanks to some really technical work that amounted to banging on a broken part and shaking the car a bit until it fell back into place.  Whatever. There are two working cars in the garage again and all is back to normal-ish so I will just be deeply grateful for what we have.  We need to get that part replaced but for now it is at least home rather than in the parking garage.

Baby clothes totes are piled high and deep and thus are barely noticeable behind all of the clean laundry that I pretend to be too busy to put away.

My parents are expected to arrive any minute and are celebrating their 39th anniversary tomorrow.  The kids are all climbing the walls with excitement and Rob and I are anticipating a date night (insert our own wall climbing here) after a very long week/month/year/marriage.

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