Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Same old, same old

1. The car is still taking up space in the school parking garage.  I will probably call to have it towed today.  Since you have to swipe a card to get in and out of the garage and since we only have one working vehicle and 4.5 working people, it means a lot of extra hassle.

2. Jorge had the Worst Day Ever on Sunday and basically just cried about everything from his toe blister to the amount of water in his cup to how long mass would last and being tired but not being tired enough to nap (oh, goodness, no never) and finally we had to pull the "If you can't pull it together you definitely can't go to your friend's birthday party this afternoon."  He didn't pull it together.  He didn't go to his friend's party.  But Katie did (family friends with a daughter Katie's age means both kids were invited) and I think he's still a little mad about it.  Parenting sort of stinks.

3. Every item of clothing August has ever worn in the past 2 years or will wear in the next 2 years is in a giant pile of totes, bags, baskets, and just piles in our room.  I finally sorted it all into size ranges and hopefully the 0-6 and 6-12 piles can go into storage.  The 12-18 stuff is still being filtered out of the "currently in use" stuff and can't go yet.  The 3T stuff is all sorted into a bag in the closet to access as needed.  Hopefully we'll be down to one tote (and (dare to dream) up to two cars) by the end of the week.

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