Monday, October 01, 2012

Ironic stuff....

1. Last Tuesday Rob did the daily 2PM call to ask if I wanted him to pick up the kids at 3 or if I was planning to leave work then and get them myself.  Their school is only 2 miles from my campus and 9 miles from our house (with my campus being in between) so it generally saves a lot of hassle if I get them.  Since I had already accomplished a ton of stuff that day and was considering going to the gym around 3, and since it was a gorgeous day, I said I'd fetch the kids and bring them home and then go for a jog in our neighborhood.  Great.  That meant Rob could take August outside and work on painting some of the garage.  So at 3, I walked out to the car to find it D-E-A-D.  Turned the key and nuttin.  Strangely, the lights, windows, radio, etc all came on as usual.  I called Rob who, of course, was outside and didn't bring a phone out with him.  So I called the school to say I'd be late and walked 2.5 miles to pick up the kids.  Retrieved them at 3:40 and still no return call from Rob so we headed back toward campus.  Worst case I figured we'd hang out in my office and they could watch something on Netflix while I worked and if it got really late we'd grab some Subway and eventually Rob would come get us.  We walked the entire 2.5 miles back (me in heels, mind you, and the kids whining every step of the last mile despite stopping for ice cream cones) and Rob called to say he would meet us at the car to try to jump it.  No luck jumping and the car is, in fact, still sitting in the parking garage a week later since it's probably the alternator and that's going to mean towing it and that means a lot of hassle we haven't bothered with yet.  But, hey, I guess I got my exercise, right?

2. Why is it that every time I threaten to kiss August he runs away squealing and screaming which means he nearly always crashes into something and comes back wailing for kisses?

3.  This weekend I got roped into teaching the kids' mass for next weekend.  I signed up out of guilt and general pressure and begging and then got the reading packet with suggested discussion topics to go with the assigned readings.

Now, this past weekend was the whole "whatsoever you do for the least of my people, that you do unto me" message of feed the hungry, visit the sick, clothe the naked, etc.  I could rock that sermon.  Activities, discussion, whatever.  Now for some background: Of all the Catholic teachings I struggle with and/or disagree with, the stance on gay marriage is probably #1.  On some issues I can at least see the value of the argument for making something illegal (abortion, death penalty) because it directly affects another person; or understand that it only affects the church (women as priests, priests can't marry), but this one just makes me insane.  I have yet to hear a valid reason for not making gay marriage legal (ahem: "it's icky and makes me uncomfortable (to think about them 'being together')*", "my particular religion doesn't like it", "marriage should result in children", and "it's always been this way" would also all rule out things like ugly people getting married, infertile people getting married, people past childbearing age getting married, bacon, vaccines, tattoos, divorce, alcohol, or not owning other people as some simple examples for why that logic stinks.  But this is not the point of this post and I will reserve most of my soapbox for ranting to the choir at home.  But as one last comment: I do fully understand the difference between a church-blessed marriage and a legally valid marriage and while I am very happy to personally have both of these things, I understand if the church wants to prohibit who gets the church-blessed marriage.  More power to you.  Fine.  But a legally valid marriage is a separate and far more important thing when it comes to insurance and parenting rights and property ownership and a million other very important things and why can't we all just agree on one and agree to disagree on the other?  Ok?  Why does the church (or any church) think it has the right to define this?  It doesn't dictate that no one else of any faith can eat eat meat on Friday and make it illegal.  Or that no one else of any faith can get divorced.  The legal definition of marriage is not a matter for the church to decide).  Woah, moving on.  Right, so I have strong opinions and quite a few legally married gay friends (yay for NY state!  Too bad my friends can't visit other states without fear of being denied access to their husbands/wives at the hospital bed if they were in a car accident together.  Or not being able to take care of their kid at an ER if necessary.  But, I digress...)   So anyhow, guess what readings I got?  First reading: Genesis 2: 18-24 (i.e. And that is why men and women leave their fathers and mothers and belong to each other...") and Mark 10: 2-9; 13-16 (i.e anti-divorce comment in which Jesus quotes the aforementioned Genesis 2:18-24).   Right.  A whole bible study on marriage and its sanctity (specifically about divorce but current politics make it more about the "man/woman" and less about the "God has brought them together and no one should separate them" part which is awfully convenient selective re-reading, right?  Plus I'm not going to stand up and spend 15 minutes on why divorce is bad when you know at least half of the kids have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or family friends who are divorced.  Just not happening.).  To elementary kids and some of their parents who tag along. MUST KEEP MOUTH IN CHECK.

*This argument in particular makes me shake my head.  Is that a thing?  If I tell you two people are dating/married is the first thought of them 'being together'?  Hey, did you hear Newt Gingrich married his high school math teacher?  How's that one taste?   Donald Trump   Keith Richards?  Seriously, how does this argument hold any water.

Ok, seriously, going to try really hard to refrain.

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