Sunday, September 23, 2012


So tired.

So very tired.

So tired that by Wednesday of last week, as I was falling asleep driving and working and walking and eating, I waved my white pillowcase in desperation and called the doctor.   Yes, I called the doctor.  Even though there was no sign of immediate peril to a limb and no gushing blood, I was desperate enough to call a doctor's office and request an appointment.  Please know I am so confused by this that I don't even know who I am right now.

Friday morning I went in for approximately 152 blood tests.  Seriously, I went in all "I'm so so tired" and they were like "then we will take all your blood."  Oh, ok. Problem solved.  At least now I know why I'm woozy and tired.

I have only seen this doctor twice now and I have to say I'm really fond of her (even though she is an MD).  She's friendly and kind and listens and asks follow up questions and then listens and never once have I seen her check a computer first.  She uses her brain.  I like that in a doctor.  So she asked me a ton of questions that clearly were leading up to Lyme disease, and another series leading up to anemia and a bunch leading to thyroid issues and she checked my neck and stuff.  And we discussed the kids and my sleep (10 hours average for the last few weeks since I'm basically passed out by 9PM and up at 7AM) and diet (crap.  I preemptively kept a food journal that week and most days looked like this:

Coffee with creamer - x x x x x x x  = 7
mini-chocolate bars - 3 5   9.
Almonds/fruit trail mix - 8 oz
cheese (2 oz)
diet coke (2)
bowl of popcorn
Bowl of ice cream. (1/2 tub)

um, yes, that's the whole day, not just the snacks.  I'm BUSY.  I'll eat on the weekend.  Hush.  And there was a decent meal at least every-other-day or so.)

And she asked about medications and histories and all that stuff.  And if we were placing bets, we're leaning toward "side effect of that medication I take to keep me from hiding under the bed and never brushing my teeth again".  Nice little side effect: rendering me too tired to do anything but lay in bed and never brush my teeth.  Tricky that.  I suppose being annoyed by the fatigue and still wanting to get stuff done is still an improvement over not giving a flying toenail if anything ever happens again, right?

Test results to rule out anemia, thyroid, etc. should be in Monday so I'll get a call or note by mid-week and we'll proceed from there.  Until then I'll be over here taking a nap under my desk.


  1. Good luck! What a Royal Pain that's got to be.

  2. Good grief. Party at your house, huh? Can I restock your chocolate stash for you?

  3. (Helpful is my middle name)