Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunny Days, sweeping the clouds away

The Verizon guy came mid-day Monday.  So glad we didn't wait around for that!  He was (according to Rob) a very nice guy.  Too bad the rest of the Verizon service process was terrible.  All the lines are up and out.

We've been discussing re-painting for about 5.5 years now.  Yes, since before we moved in.  It's needed it forever and we're just too hesitant to pull the trigger on a color.  I like the colors we have but feel like it's not the best choice for our location and so we've been at a roadblock for years.  This week we've both mostly landed on an agreement.

It wouldn't be much of a change.  The house is currently white with white trim, that purple colored door, and a robin's egg blue porch floor.  Our roof is a darker gray/black slate.  However, the house is on a busy road and gets a LOT of road dust and so the entire front face is actually gray.  I figure: embrace it.  Paint the main body of the house a very light gray and then the white trim will pop out a bit more.  Even this shade is a bit more blue/gray than I am picturing, but it's really close.

The village came around today and cleared away the big tree that fell in the cemetery but apparently didn't have time to get ours.  Hopefully the huge pile of brush gets taken away tomorrow.

Finally, on our first chilly morning of the fall today the kids demonstrated that Katie has no pants that actually reach past mid-calf and Jorge's collection of fleece zip-ups all end mid-forearm.  So on the way home today we hit our favorite thrift store and got 4 zip-up hoodless fleeces for Jorge, 1 sweater for Katie, 3 long sleeve shirts for Jorge, and a pair of cute skinny-legged cords for Katie that still had store tags on them all for $12.  Love that thrift store (and the fact that they benefit a charity I fully endorse rather than the Salvation Army which is infuriating is a super win).  Later, we walked to the library and came home with about 20 books.  Libraries!   And we stopped at the pizza place on a whim where we learned Jorge likes wings, which means he and I can order a side of wings (with just bbq sauce, no wing sauce yet since he can't have ranch or whatever to cool off!) and Katie and August can split a small pizza and we finally have a take-out option from the pizza place.  Do a happy dance!

oh, and two PS's: 1. The nice guy that cut up the tree for us also paints houses AND also works at the pizza place, so we got to see him.  2. On our way up the street and past a big beautiful brick house we passed a team doing masonry work on their front steps.  So I stopped and got a business card and we'll see about having our front steps checked and repaired as needed.  Tra-la-la!  Super productive!

Oh, and one more: I just today came up with a new way to study a research project I've been nudging around for 7 years and coded it all up and just now, at 10PM, sent it off to the de-bugging team to check for errors.  If all goes well I'll start collecting data next week and will have another paper's worth of results by Thanskgiving.  rum, tum, tiddle-um - tum.

[We may have listened to Winnie The Pooh's audio books a few too many times.]

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  1. This is more than just a hooray kind of day, this is an amazing day. I strive for this kind of productive-ness and so often fall short. It's nice to be encouraged. And now to get A.A. Milne on audio tape.