Monday, September 24, 2012


Unless she (a) invites you to feel the baby kicking or (b) asks you to drive her to the L&D ward because she's in active labor DO NOT ASK.

Apparently two of the side-effects of longer-term (i.e. 2 years of) anti-depressant usage is weight gain and exhaustion.   So I'm wiped out and 20 lbs (oh, heck, 40 lbs) heavier than I'd like.  But at least I care?  Right.   So anyhow,  I'm exhausted and not really thrilled with my weight and I just found out that there's a connection there so I'm trying to wean off the Zoloft which means I'm also a little shaky emotionally so today was not an ideal day for a kind-hearted colleague to congratulate me on my obvious pregnancy.

Not that it's ever a good idea.  I mean, really.  Here's a tip: Tell me you like my shoes and go away.

PS: They're anti-depressants.  There's a chemical path in my body that doesn't work correctly and they smooth it out.  No different than a person taking allergy meds to correct their body's un-reasonable response to pollen or a person wearing glasses because their eyes aren't as strong as you'd like.  You would not shame or fault someone for wearing glasses ("hey there, lazy, just snap out of it and look harder") or for taking allergy medicine ("Oh, c'mon, it's just pollen!  Doesn't bother me.  Toughen up.**") so why do people think "snap out of it, just cheer up, fix it yourself" with this pathway?  I don't know.  It's exactly the same.  This completes my public service announcement for mental health treatment.

**Note that I have threatened to punch Rob in the face if he does not stop sneezing every two seconds during hay fever season.  So, ok, fine.

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  1. Yep. Exactly. Trying to explain mental health issues to someone who has never had them is annoying. I'm with you. Sometimes a person needs help, let them get that help and back off.