Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Great Jor-Gini

Jorge has been hosting "Magic Shows" in the basement which go something like this:

1. Jorge balances a Lego guy on top of a Lego tower.
2. Jorge says something vague and confusing about blowing and magic and will it fall?
3. Jorge waves a Princess wand over it and if it falls, declares it magic.  [Ahem.  If it stays up? Also magic.]
4. His fans clap and cheer on command.

By chance, today I was at the toy store and found this magic kit for $5.  I brought it home and gave it to Jorge who promptly asked where the magic wand was.  I said we could use a chopstick and started showing him the trick with the three cups and balls.  In total disgust he informed me that this was not magic, this was just tricking.

Sad day for one little dude.

But he rallied and learned the tricks, ending with a rather entertaining magic show in the basement before bedtime.  We've promised him that if he agrees to practice a bit, he can [subject the family to his show] be the entertainment at August's birthday party next weekend.  Challenge accepted.

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