Friday, August 03, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

My dear friend Jill (whose blog is private so I won't bother linking) shared a blog challenge by one of her other friends to actually implement some Pinterest postings.  From the original post:

"About the Pinterest Challenge:
 1. I am mostly doing this for my own benefit- I love having projects!- but I would be pleased to no end to have you do it right along with me!
 2. You don't have to do it everyday- maybe just "Pinterest Challenge Monday" or something.
 3. I don't plan on spending money [unless I feel really ambitious and want to do a bigger project using my Joann's gift card], so please don't feel like you can't do it if it means you have to spend money. 
 We make our own rules here. I'm trying to decide if I want to follow a schedule, like:
 Monday- New recipe (food)
Tuesday- Sewing/craft/gift idea (craft)
Wednesday- Baby/kids (children)
Thursday- Decor/garden/organizing/cleaning (home)
Friday- Hair/beauty tip/personal improvement (me)
Saturday- Activity/game/husband (spouse/loved one)
Sunday- Church idea/spiritual uplift (can be prepared before Sunday if you want to take Sunday off)"
I'm all over pinterest almost every day, finding cool ideas or quotes or recipes or deals.  Here are three I've started this week.  We'll count them toward Monday (food) and the other two toward Friday (personal improvement).

Pin #1
Lasagna made with thinly sliced zucchini in place of the noodles. Delicious, healthier, and gluten free.  It came out great for dinner last night and the leftovers were even better as today's lunch.  I switched up a few things: 1. I used pre-made jarred sauce.  2. I used loose sweet Italian sausage instead of ground beef.  3. because of these two, I dropped almost everything else in terms of spices except the sauteed onion 4. I added chopped green peppers, carrots, and fresh mushrooms to the sauce mixture.  5. I would have swapped out ricotta for cottage cheese but straight up forgot both, so it wasn't as creamy/cheesy as one would hope, but still delicious.  Next time I'll add cottage cheese but probably only 1/2 as much as directed.

Pins #2 and #3: Getting fit from August in August. ;)
Edging in on 2 years since August was born and 2 months since he last nursed, it's time to kick my body back into shape.  There are no more excuses.  I am (thankfully in so many ways) not teaching this fall but will be doing some guest lectures and will be in full teaching mode by January so I am determined to get back into my "regular" clothes.  I have a lot of lovely suits and dresses that are unflatteringly snug and I refuse to drop the huge amount of money it would take to replace them all with a less healthy size.  I added this 15 minute work out to my day starting Thursday (August 1) and can feel the burn.

Along those same lines, to kick-start the weight loss and general shape-reclaiming I am adding a little oomph to my daily jugs of water.  Nothing crazy.  This isn't a "drink nothing but this for two weeks" type cleanse, just a little added detox to the already healthy habit of drinking water.  If it helps deflate some of my bloat and gives me a little instant gratification for my workout kickoff, great.  If not, I'm out almost nothing.

Basically I fill my water bottle every morning as usual but add a splash of cranberry juice (straight cranberry juice, not sugary juice drink) and half the juice from 1/2 a lemon and toss a dandelion tea bag in for about 5 minutes before removing it.  Drink all morning long as usual along with breakfast and lunch and a coffee.  Later in the day I do the same with a little more cranberry, the rest of that lemon juice, and another 5-10 min soak of the same tea bag.  The rest of my water bottles (I shoot for 3-4 full ones each day at 32 oz each) are just plain water or have some cucumber or lemon in it for flavor.  I'm just using tap water, by the way.  I'm on day 2.5 (started Weds afternoon) and feel about the same as ever but the stuff tastes fine and there's no harm so I'll try it for a few more days.  And again, this is not a "cleanse" or "diet" or any kind of fast.  You still eat normally--see the lasagna above for last night's dinner and today's lunch!--and drink whatever else you want, just adding some oomph to the water bottle with a serious combination of natural diuretics to flush out bloat.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're playing along. I prefer real life trials of pins to just pins where the picture is pretty.
    Case in point, I'm going to make that lasagna on Sunday. If I can wait that long.