Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pinterest challenge: overnight oatmeal recipe

To cut some crazy out of our morning--and because it looked delicious--I made these last night to be our Sunday breakfast:

Right? Right?! Yum! Basically you mix a scoop of regular rolled oats and a scoop of yogurt and add enough milk to make it sort of soupy.  Then add your chopped fruit or fruit puree (i.e. jam or applesauce) and some honey if you want, etc.  Cover and let it sit in the fridge overnight (or up to 2 days or so).   In the morning the oatmeal has soaked up the liquid to make a creamy but cool yogurt-oatmeal pudding.

Ours were made with strawberry yogurt so for the kids' I added just a little honey and called it done.  For mine and Rob's I diced up a fresh peach and stirred that in.  Strawberry peach: yum.  I also followed the recipe and added about 1 tsp of chia seeds to each jar.  They're tiny black seeds--they look very similar to poppy seeds or sesame seeds--and are super healthy but have no flavor.  If they soak, they get soft and jelly-like so there's no affect to consistency or flavor, but a huge boost to nutrition.  I had never used them before and found a rather large bag of them for about $6 in the health foods area of our grocery; I could make this daily and they'd probably last a year.

This morning we all dug in.  The kids added a tsp of extra honey each and declared it a great summer treat.  Mine was sweet enough from the diced up peaches and was really good, if a bit earthy.  I was using a new bag of "Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats" * which are a bit whole-r (?) than the cheaper brands so I figured that was the taste of whole-grain oat goodness.

I was about 2/3 through the jar when I saw what looked like little blueberry stems.  Odd, since no blueberries were involved in this dish.

Then I realized they were stems.  But more of the "hey lady, nice stems" variety.  You know, like this:

Except these legs came from this:


Found about 2/3 of this guy--with one leg still attached--in my next bite.

So, um, this is a great recipe.  It is delicious.  I may never eat it or anything like it again but encourage you to try it, if you can get past the image of that guy lurking in there.

{{twitch}}   {{twitch-twitch}}

*Oats by definition should be gluten free, even the regular Quaker tubs and stuff.  But they can have cross-contamination from other products made in the same factory so I splurge on the totally gluten free stuff to avoid a long day of feeling sick.  Unless I somehow manage to add an insanely gross bug to it.  Then I'll feel sick all week.

Edit to add: me and bugs, right?  Reminded me of this highlight moment.

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  1. Oh ew. Just {shudder}. Yuck. I'm so sorry.