Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, google voice. Don't quit your day job.

I've commented on Google Voice's terrible translations of voice mails before.  Here's a good one.

Translated message google voice texted me:

 "Hi in Chile. I just wonder why so I'll be happy but alright. 82 year old. If you right now. I think I can teach. Hey, how can I get back. Thanks. They're both the orders. Hope you're a great one. Regards, Bridget."

Actual message left:

"[kid 1]Hi aunt julie, i just wanted to wish auggie a happy birthday. big 2 year old. here's maria. [kid 2]happy birthday auggie, i hope you have a good birthday. [dad] happy birthday august. hope you have a great one. drive your parents crazy."

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