Friday, August 10, 2012

Cute...not so cute...cute. I don't know, the kids melted my brain.

August is turning two (two!) next Monday and so we're having a very small party for him Sunday.  Very small.  Just us, grandma, and an aunt.  But there will be cake and ice cream and presents and pictures and really looking back at pictures that all looks basically the same if there are 7 people or 70.  Smaller cake, though.

Anyhow, I've been working with August to teach him to say he's 2 so he can be extra super cute.  And, being an over-achiever, he did that in spades.  When asked how old he is, he pops up both index fingers, pushes his hands together, and says "two??"  But, so much better, he then gets distracted by his hands and curls his index fingers just a smidge and says "Bunny?" and begins hopping his hands around discussing bunnies.

He has a stuffed bunny in his crib to whom he is becoming very attached.  Bunnies are hoppin'-ing.

Yes, I went there.

In other news, Rob taught the kids how to play yet another board game from the 80's or 90's that no one else has ever heard of.  They enjoyed it, or at least Jorge sort of did while he was even or winning but as soon as the tides would shift he would literally kick and scream and wail and make The World's Very Best Cod Fish Face.  I wish I had kept my phone handier to get a picture.  It looked exactly like this;

He is not amused.

He ended up handling things a little better later, but there may have to be a ban on long board games.  He can handle losing a 2 minute game but losing a 40 minute game is just too much to bear.  Cod fish.

Katie is doing 100 projects at once this summer including: a latch hook project, a fairy garden, an herb garden, several sewing projects, embroidering a pillow, friendship bracelet making, writing a book, learning magic, learning to swim, developing a secret club with her local cousins, learning to ride a bigger framed bike, learning to ride to the library and/or grocery by herself, and designing a lemonade stand.  Among others. She has a calendar in which she has her whole life planned out.  I believe tomorrow's list of to-do's is "swim, read, swim".

I wore make-up today for the first time in probably 6 months and felt like a trollop, what with the eye-liner and--scandal!--light blusher.  I also wore contacts for the first time in about 3 months and jewelry for the first time all summer.  Rob keeps commenting that I look younger, better rested, and generally hot.  I even washed and blew dry my hair (a few days ago).  [Whatever.  It still looks less "slept in three times and brushed once" than usual.  It almost looks like I care, which I almost do, but don't quite.] When I got home during dinner tonight the kids asked if I had a hair cut?  Something is different, mama.  I wonder if a few more seconds of effort might trick them into not recognizing me?  Whatever, it won't last.  That bloat-purge did, though!  I drained my daily dose every day along with whatever-the-heck-else I wanted and did a nice core/ab workout most days and am feeling super duper.  That's right, super. duper.

Mid-August and knee deep in four different writing projects.  Rob starts teaching in two weeks but until the Olympics are over the rest of the world will just have to wait for him.  Just like it waited for the Tour de France for three solid weeks in July.  Fact: Olympic summer years are not a good time to expect much of anything to happen around here.

Three more very fun-filled weeks left.  Hardly a down-day between now and school starting, so it should be here before we know it (26 more days!).


  1. Super duper!

  2. Katie is inspiring, Jorge reminds me of how I feel about board games, August is adorable, and I am super impressed you are feeling super-duper. I should try that water business. How are the writing projects? Should I send chocolate?