Friday, August 03, 2012

Birthday Surprises

August is turning 2 very soon and the big kids wanted to surprise him with some presents.  Being our kids, they both opted to make them rather than buy anything (also, being kids, they seem to feel that they shouldn't have to pay for the supplies to make things)(Actually, I rarely want to pay for supplies either.  Shopping for them, yes.  Paying, sigh.)

Jorge wanted to make his baby brother a special blanket for his bed.  August's greatest passions in life at this point are: bicycles, colors, trains, and cars.

Jorge came with me to the store and picked out the perfect fabrics.  Black with multi-colored bikes matched with big bright colors.  August loves to tell us colors and his favorites include "lellow", "geeen", "onch" (orange), "booooo", and "rid".  This should be a hit.

Jorge helped me measure and tear the fabrics (so much easier and satisfying than cutting!) and iron the squares perfectly flat.  Once he decided how the color blocks would be positioned, I pinned the squares/strips together and he did all of the sewing with me peeking over his shoulder reminding him not to yank/push/pull/drive off road.  He especially loved turning it right side out and poking the corners crisp.

It came out great.  And HUGE.  It's about 48"x48" so he'll be able to cuddle with it until he's in high school.  Jorge opted to do a zig-zag edge in red all around the border to keep it from rolling and add some detail.  We didn't bother quilting it any more than that since it has no batting layer to keep in place.  After the first washing if it bubbles too much we'll iron it flat and put some knots at each intersection.

The back is a soft flannel covered in trains but I mis-calculated and thought the front would only be about 42" wide, so the backing was too narrow to cover it.  Jorge and I picked out three of the 5 scrap fabrics from the front and added a line of them to the side to fill the gap.  Afterwards Katie pointed out that we missed the chance to make a stop light.  Oh well.

Jorge is super proud of himself and the project, as he should be!  It's great to see him so excited about choosing the colors and fabrics that he knows will make August happy.  He talks constantly of how much August will like various details.  He worked so hard to sew well and was proud of himself for seeing a rather long project through to the end (long for him; it really only took about 2 hours of sewing which we split into 2 nights).  I love hearing the pride in his voice when he was showing Rob and Katie the final product.

 Katie's crafting a surprise of her own; I'll show you soon.

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  1. Love it. Well done, Jorge! You have now quilted more in your life than I have in mine.