Friday, July 20, 2012

This week, in highlights

Jorge's cast came off Monday; he's all healed.  I feel I should add "for now" to this, because I can't imagine this won't happen again, but he's all healed.  For now.

Both big kids went to the dentist Monday, as well.  Jorge has a cavity.  That makes 3-4 for Katie now (who was clear this time) and the second for Jorge.  August is still only sporting 6 teeth and so we haven't bothered taking him yet.

Jorge's glasses came back in with his full prescription.  When he remembers to wear them and when they aren't covered in fingerprints, streaks, smears, and general gunk, he seems to see much better.

We're very very very thankful for insurance.  So thankful.  Having basically not had it for most of our 20's and the first two years of Katie's life, we can appreciate the magic of just paying a tiny portion of these things.

In other highlights, we've kept the kids alive--by choice and by chance--and most of the garden and plants, too.  I'd call that success.

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