Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Because I feel ranty and preachy and all holier-than-thou. You're warned.

5 Things that I see constantly and I do not understand:

1. Programs designed to encourage kids to read.  Really?  Kids need this?  At our house that would be like a program designed to reward kids for eating chocolate coated ice cream with cake ball sprinkles.  "Completely redundant" is what I'm saying.

2. Parents who complain that their kids don't read and only want to watch TV and play video games and let them.  Generally, I'd say "kids watching TV almost ever.  Or playing on phones or laptops". but people can parent how they want.  But then don't be surprised if those same kids don't want to read and are generally short-attention-spanned and all the other things shown to come from it.  Kids are perfectly capable of amusing themselves for days and days--weeks and months even!--without TV.  Seriously.  I'll admit we've watched 3 movies in the last two weeks with the kids because we've been doing "movie nights" (Princess Bride and The Incredibles; both met with mediocre reviews) and we watched Bambi two weeks ago to keep Jorge somewhat immobile during the whole "is it broken or not" time period, but otherwise I don't think we've even turned our TV on in over a month.  We just never have it on and no one misses it a bit.  During this time of the year Rob catches the Tour de France on his laptop everyday for highlights and we each spend way too much time at our computers, but happy to say nothing mobile distracts us from regular life.

3. Yes, regular life.  That thing that everyone did before a handheld accessory took over everyone's lives.   Put the phone away and live.  LIVE!  Nothing makes me more irritated than watching someone's kid wreck havoc while they're busy texting or checking facebook on their phone or whatever people are doing these days.  And then they just hand the phone to the kid to play some game.  Bring a book!  Or a craft! Or an actual game!   Barghslr.g. Or, you know, give them a prize for reading a book later.  Double barghslr.g.

4. Which brings me to: Being on the phone when driving.  You're freaking driving.  A car.  That's going really fast down a road.  That other people are on.  It can wait.  No, seriously, it can.  No one will die if you wait 20 minutes to call and talk about the funny noise that the washing machine made earlier or that you ran out of milk.  See if you can make those tired little brain cells hold that thought the whole time until you're done driving; it's like a workout for your brain.

5. Channing Tatum.  Tatum Channing?  Which one is his first name?  I don't care, because....Really?  People think he's good looking?  Or a decent actor?  What am I missing?  His head is a cube, he has no neck, his shoulders are in his ears, and he generally always looks half-asleep and confused.  Do.not.get.  Stop posting pictures of him all over pinterest when I'm just looking for a fun craft idea.

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  1. 1.-4. Completely. Agree. Though I admit to having the TV on a bit much this summer.
    5. I don't know this Tatum person. But I've always preferred guys with necks, so I guess I agree here, too.