Thursday, June 28, 2012

Update on the arm

(I need to post SOMETHING, because every time I open this and see that chocolate chip cookie recipe I want to go make more.  And not share.)

Jorge went to the orthopedist Monday morning and he confirmed the break but said it was a clean, well-aligned break so it didn't need maximum security efforts.  Instead, it's in a Barney Fife level detention; little more than the roller blade wrist guard we had been putting on it all weekend.  The nice thing is he can remove it for baths or showers or even gentle swimming (yay!).  Also, he's stopped moaning around that his whole life is ruined.  The not so nice thing is that he doesn't seem to think it should slow him down one bit; and thus he took off on his bike, hit one bump, lost control, and flew off and into a tree root.

All necessary parts were protected and in the same number of pieces afterward.

We go back next Monday for another series of xrays.  Then we'll see if the Mayberry Plan is working or if Gitmo would be more appropriate.

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