Sunday, June 03, 2012

Second 5K: Paige's Butterfly Run 36:41

The past week has not been a smooth one.  I'll go into details later, but I ended up waking up at 3:30 AM on Wednesday, driving 8 hours to Ohio, spending 2.5 emotional days with family, and then driving back Friday night.  I got home around 11:30 Friday night and didn't get to sleep until after midnight.  So a Saturday morning 9AM run was not terribly appealing.  On the other hand, after my first 5K two weeks ago my knee hurt for a few days and then stress levels picked up on various fronts and then came the trip; so I hadn't done even so much as a short walk since the previous run.  I knew if I skipped this it would be another two weeks until an event which meant a solid month of probably zero effort.

Anyhow, Rob and the kids dropped me off at the event about 10 minutes before it started. Rob was kind enough to pick up my registration, shirt, and bib while I was out of town so I had nothing to do but walk up to the starting line.  I ran into a co-worker and his wife but wandered off before the race started knowing they'd be outpacing me easily in the first few minutes.  Awkward.  

The run itself was fine.  Because I registered as a runner (I was a walker last time) my times were posted and thanks to the RFID chips they can measure the time from crossing the scanners at start and finish.  This means I didn't have to account for the time spent waiting in the back of the pack before we even got to the starting line.  My "gun time" was 37:36 which included the starting delay; my net time (actual time from starting line to finish line) was 36:41.  My goal was 37:30 so I was really close for gun time and beat it for net time.

Next up is a 5K the morning of Saturday June 16.  Hopefully this time I can actually train a bit in between, but I doubt it.  I have an extremely busy week ahead of me ending in four days of conference travel and once I get back there will only be 3 days left.  But I'm hoping that I can beat 36 minutes next time anyhow.

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