Friday, June 08, 2012

Moving up

Thursday was the last day of school for the big kids, meaning that as of today Katie can pass herself off as a second grader and Jorge qualifies as a Kindergartner.  Once again, I'm generally unphased.  If asked anytime in the last six months I would have had to pause to remember what grade they are in.  That's one of the many hidden joys of the "three grades in one classroom" / "mini one-room schoolhouse" system.  Katie spends so much time and takes so many classes with the second and third "levels" that I think of them as all one big class group.  And Jorge has been mostly friends and study peers with the "third years" in his room which are the Kindergartners.  So the fact that he's now officially one feels more like "oh, he wasn't already?  That's right."

Anyhow, we are in for some shake-ups.  One of Katie's teachers was a full-year substitute for another teacher on maternity leave so next fall she'll have the official teaching team and we'll say goodbye to her dear Miss Lisa.  Jorge's very much adored teacher is moving to, of all places, St Louis so he'll have a new face on his team, too.  Still, one new teacher and one familiar teacher is easier than all new and the kids are pretty mellow about the summer and the eventual return to the (mostly) known routine.

And so now it's summer.  August is generally not pleased to have the big kids here mucking up his routine.  Katie is, at this moment, and I quote, "using all [her] strength not to go over there and rip that present open right now."  She turns seven on Sunday and a present arrived on the doorstep today.

August discovered the joy of pretending and scoops things out of books in a flat-handed scoop/nudge move.  He likes to scoop food from his picture books and then, in a burst of extra giggles, he scoops up something random like a baby and "tricks" us into eating them.

Jorge learned to ride a two-wheeler a few weeks ago and has taken every opportunity since to ride.  We did a long creek-side ride last weekend and he spins around the driveway or garage daily.

90 more days until school starts back up.  A trip around the world?  No.  A trip to crazy-town with a multi-month stay?  Probably.

PS: She held out for about 10 minutes and begged until we relented.  Thanks, Colorado-ians!  Much appreciated.


  1. Can't be eaten babies. Gonna have to make a referral.