Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Summer of 5Ks

(Because "The Summer of being Vomited on Every Other Day" is unacceptable even if so far it is more accurate)

I, like most of the world, would like to be in better shape.  I'd like my pre-pregnancy suits and dresses to fit; I'd like to be able to take the stairs at work without being winded for the next 30 minutes (to be fair, it's 7 flights); I'd like to sleep better and feel stronger.

Unfortunately, I don't particularly want to do any inconvenient work to have that happen.  I have a hard time making exercise a priority.  Most nights we don't sleep that well (see also: stomach bug relay events that last a month or more) so getting up any earlier than necessary is quickly vetoed.  I don't like exercising before or during my work day because the hassle of making myself work-presentable after work-out takes almost as long as the workout.  By the end of the work day I'm generally willing to go exercise and then head home, but most days by 5PM I know Rob needs me home to help with the kids and I haven't seen them all day so I head home instead. Then is the rush of dinner, bedtimes, cleaning up, checking the mail, and general house keeping and suddenly it's 8:30 or 9.  It's too dark to do much outside and it seems silly to use a treadmill when it's so gorgeous out and, besides, I'm worn out and ready to call it a day.  I'll find time tomorrow...

Repeat for a few months.

So this summer I came up with a new strategy: I'm signing myself up for a 5K nearly every weekend to force myself to take at least one morning a week to go for a good long walk.  Maybe even a jog.  As a bonus, I'll be giving/raising money for lots of great causes.  And, of course, as soon as I signed up I was immediately 100 times more motivated to do a little walk just after bedtime; to take the stairs at work each day (7 flights!!); to fit in a jog one morning; and generally to work toward doing this without passing out.  Since signing up last weekend, I have completely swapped out my soda habit for lots of water.  That's huge.

Today was supposed to be the first 5K: the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis.  It started at 10 so I got there around 9:30 to check-in and do all those pre-event details.  Turns out, registration started at 10, not the walk itself.  That started later.  A little later.  A lot later...  By 11:10, with no signs of moving toward starting the actual walk, I gave up and left.  I stopped at home for a refill on my water and did my own 5K walk around my neighborhood.  Good enough.

Tomorrow is another: The Charity for Children event.  This event goes toward helping families in the local CNY area with medically challenged kids who need help either financially, with referrals, advocacy, or any other kind of support.  Donations welcome here (welcome but not required or expected).  If you search on our last name (just "nied" will get you far enough), you'll find that Katie and Jorge are also racing in a 1/2 mile kid's run.  Should be fun!

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