Sunday, May 20, 2012

First 5K: Children's Charity Run 39:03

We kicked off our Summer of 5Ks with the Charity for Children event.  It included a 1/2 mile kids' run first and the kids were pumped up.  They got numbered bibs and race shirts and took off from under a balloon arch.  The course ran around a beach and then back, ending under the balloon arch again.

Katie Sprints to the Finish!

Jorge felt the need to hold his bib on
the entire ride.  He finished strong at 6:09

The kids all got medals upon completion.  They were absolutely beaming with pride.

Shortly after the kids' run finished, the 8K and 5K runs and 5K walk started.  I was officially registered as a walker but when I saw the rest of my group I decided to jump into the tail end of the runners rather than getting stuck behind large groups of strollers.   I headed out strong and jogged the first mile, then walk/jogged the second mile, and mostly jogged the 3rd mile.  I finished at 39:03 which isn't amazing but not bad for someone that went from Couch-2-5K in less than a week!  And I started out at the very far back of the pack so I would argue that I actually didn't even start until about 45 seconds after the official clock.  

In any case, it went well and felt pretty good.  I'm actually looking forward to trying to beat the 37:30 mark on the next race.

After the race we went out to the lake (Rob's mom's house) where Rob and the kids spent most of the day in the water helping to put in the dock and generally horsing around.  We also put in the rowboat and enjoyed simply messing about in boats.

We teased the kids that when we got home they would have to bike around the block to earn their tri-athlon medals.  No Chance.   Jorge was asleep within three minutes of leaving the driveway and Katie and August were sound asleep before we hit the halfway mark.  All three were tucked into bed by 6 PM.

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