Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opinions welcome

Today at the grocery I ran into a woman I know from several kid-related parties. (Yes, everyone that knows me, I'm sure it was her.) I chatted with her, flirted with her baby, related a funny story about my kids (whom she has met but I referred to as "the 5 year old" and "the baby" rather than names for ease) and generally we carried on polite chatter for 3-4 minutes.

Then I said "Well, I have to run. It was great seeing you." and she replied. "Yes, it was nice meeting you."

Who should be more embarrassed, because, frankly, I feel like the crazy one. That strange overly friendly stranger who starts out cooing at your baby and is then relating some long story about her kids and going on and on about spring break and how glad they are to have the kids back at school.  But since I didn't run back over to where she was putting her baby in a shopping cart and get all "what?  You don't know me!?  Pssh!" or even just "Um, we've met at least three times before this." makes me pretty gracious, right?  And humble.  I thought so, too.

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