Monday, April 09, 2012

And we're still here and awake

August slept through the night last night.  All the way through without a peep.  Oh blessed loveliness; I think that brings us to about 5 times total.

Of course, Jorge didn't.  No, he woke up with a nightmare around 2.  And last week Katie woke up one night with a sick tummy.  And there were the 2,521 times August woke up with teething, diaper rash, a cold, a cough, or general discomfort.  He's nearly 20 months and still only has four teeth; his gums are apparently made of steel.

Tonight the big kids are at Grandma's and if August sleeps through the night we may actually (shhhhhh, don't jinx it!) get a real night of sleep without the big kids puttering around at 6:03 AM insisting that they're "not tired" and "it's too boring to sleep" and they "don't want to waste all their time sleeping."  Silly children.  Silly awful children.

Easter was lovely but hectic.  We had the 6AM wake-up which led directly into the egg hunt.   August was too little to partake last year but was very interested this time around.  We warned the big kids that all yellow eggs were for Augs and should be left alone.  The dozen or so yellows were left out on chairs and in the middle of the carpet for easy pickings but still managed to take him almost as long as the big kids took to find nearly three times as many carefully hidden eggs.  A good time for all.

After gutting their baskets, cracking open all the plastic eggs, picking at breakfast, and planting the little potting kits that came in their baskets, it was time to get ready for church.  For Augs this meant melting down and taking a nap, so I took the kids to mass alone and Rob stayed home with the very sleepy August. We all met up around noon and headed off to Grandmas.

Huge lunch, more eggs, kites, crafts, and bubbles; dinner, bundled up; home, bed.

It's been a busy few days with my birthday (4/1) and Rob's birthday (4/5) and the Easter holy days and family and school.  Things are wrapping up at school a little bit and today was my last in-class lecture.   From here it's all team meetings as they finalize their semester project and a whole lot of grading.  Well, that plus a conference coming up and then another conference and several studies running to gather data which will hopefully coalesce into papers that I can publish.

Gluten avoidance is still going well.  I keep meaning to do a controlled test of having some and seeing what happens but frankly I'm so happy just avoiding it that I can't bring myself to do it.  I did have a horrible reaction after eating something at a birthday party last weekend and can't begin to guess where there may have been gluten (chips that were marked gluten-free on the bag and guacamole and some grapes; seemed clear; perhaps something in the guac?) but it was enough to scare me off from any re-introductions.

I'm at a creative low here.  Despite the minor improvement in sleep (and I stress minor) I've been extremely busy at work with 10-12 hour days most days.  Last Friday I meant to go in for just a few hours and ended up working over 13 hours straight.  Today I spent 12 hours in the building and only had about 15 minutes where I managed to eat some yogurt with a fork--I didn't have time to run back down to the next floor and grab a spoon from the lounge area once I realized I was out of spoons in my drawer stash.  Any creative energy I have left after teaching and research (and yes, sadly, that's getting first priority right now) is going toward the kids.  Rather than write long boring lists of Things We Ate and Things We Did (like this one, ahem) I just skip the blog until I feel inspired.  But a certain Jilly-bird sent me a little snail-mail nudge today so here you go.  Better days are coming.

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