Thursday, March 01, 2012

Still blurry

Jorge's glasses were supposed to be in "in 7 to 10 days" which would be Wednesday through Friday.  So far no word.  Trust me, I'm just as anxious to see these specs on that little face as anyone.  Only today did I think to be disappointed that Rob didn't take a picture with his phone while at the optometrist's* office picking them out last week.  I can't blame him, he only just upgraded to a camera-enabled phone recently and neither of us are very good at remembering to bring our cell phones with us most of the time. Odds are good he didn't even have it, much less think to use it.  But I haven't seen the glasses and can only rely on the description from the boys: green, half-frames (i.e. lower part of lenses appear to be just glass).  And according to Jorge they are simultaneously pretty cool and the most horrible thing ever.

Hopefully we hear something tomorrow because the office is closed all weekend and none of us want to wait until Monday.  Except Jorge.   He thinks.

*(Number of tries to spell that: 3)

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