Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sleeeeeep!!!!1! SLEEEP!!!

August has slept through the night every night for about a week.

Stop and appreciate that.  Sleeping through the night, even one night, for the first time in 18.5 months, is news worthy.  But to then just make that the routine, like "oh, yea, so I guess I'll just do this now," is nothing short of astounding.  World (or at least our world) changing.  He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up at 6 at which point he comes in our room to avoid having him wake up Jorge.  He cuddles or sleeps or plays in our bed until 7 when we all get up.  Meanwhile, Rob and I go to bed around 10 and sleep until 6 and have noticed a serious improvement in the world. People are suddenly less annoying.  Fewer people seem to be deserving of a kick in the face.  It's a good thing.

The shift is unlikely to be related to my dietary changes.  He nurses about once a day, sometimes we skip a day, so my diet is a very small part of his diet.  And he is still eating anything and everything but mostly crackers and bread slathered in peanut butter (as he says, "Buh-Buh").  More likely, the shift in sleep is due mostly to timing and him growing and partially due to a little trick I remembered after re-reading about it in Bringing up Bebe.  Basically, the idea that if a baby (i.e. not a newborn) cries you always go to them BUT only after you've given them a minute or two to see if they're just a bit gassy or searching for their binkie.  It's something we knew, something we did with Katie, but something we've not done with August for fear his fussing would wake Jorge.  We had stopped all night feedings so when he did wake up it was just for a hug or cuddle or transfer to our bed.  About a week ago I'd had enough of it and decided that a few nights of poor sleep for Jorge during the school's winter break would have to happen.

The first night he woke up as usual around midnight and we let him work it out for about 2 minutes at which point he fell back asleep.  An hour later he fussed for 3-4 minutes at which point I went to him, gave him a hug, and settled him back into the crib.  About 30 minutes later we repeated.  Again 15 minutes later.  When he woke up again 15 minutes later I brought him to our bed where he slept soundly until about 6:30.

The second night he made a little noise at midnight but hardly even worth calling a fuss.  Around 3 I went to him after a few minutes of noise and settled him back in the crib.  Around 4:30 he fussed repeatedly until he came to our bed.

But by the 4th or 5th night he was waking up only once or twice and putting himself back down within a minute.  By the end of the winter break he was sleeping uninterrupted.  Heavenly.  And without the 20+ minute screaming associated with "sleep training".  Bliss.

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