Sunday, April 01, 2012

Passion Sunday

 Despite my well documented dislike of children's liturgy services, alas, I am not immune.  The kids were invited to be in the Passion Sunday activity and with no better excuse than "ugh," and a whole lot of "awwww", we were signed up.

Note, however, that no additional people will be added to the mass load this weekend on our behalf, which is about 30% of my issue.  The other big complaint I have is that when the kids read into the microphone you can't hear/understand anything, but the play is being narrated by an adult.  So that together relieves about 60% of my reasons to dislike these things.  The other 40%, though, is the weak homily and unless I duck out and sneak back into the regular mass in the church (the kids' mass is in the gym area) I'll be stuck with the "What is Easter about" **mumble bumble--some kid flashing the crowd--mumble** "yes, it is about flowers and spring, but also...what?  **mumble mumble** Yes, I like chocolate eggs, too.  Anyone?  **Julie thinks about how much more spiritually fulfilling a nap would be during the next 15 minutes.**

 But here we are.

Katie is a disciple, complete with the leather-y cross necklace.  Never mind that until that day it would be meaningless to them and that, really, it's kind of morbid since it's like someone wearing an electric chair pendant.  Until the cross becomes a symbol of triumph (i.e. next week) it's really quite freaky.  But whatever, we'll go with it.

Jorge is a soldier.  It's really just about the cutest thing ever since there are four soldiers and all three other boys are at least 5th graders and he barely reaches their elbows.  In the background here, the other boys are kneeling.  Jorge is standing.  Yes.

For dramatic effect, the director likes to pick the youngest soldier to come forward and do the gestures for the repentant soldier's scene.  Jorge gets to throw his arms wide and then cover his face in shame before retreating to the back.  He also gets to pull a sword on the man who wants  to offer Jesus a drink.  We have to keep reminding him to stop grinning.  Crikey.

The pictures are from the dress rehearsal on Saturday; Sunday's service was not for photo-ops.  

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  1. Oh, I would love to see Jorge and Katie in this.