Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Gluten Update

I don't want to dwell on this endlessly because really, going gluten-free has been almost effortless.  The only thing that even registered as a slight disappointment is that I can't eat any of those Girl Scout cookies that came in last week.  But d'ya know what I can eat?  A banana chopped up and stirred with some peanut butter and a little Hershey syrup.  Or ice cream.  Or a bowl of peanut butter melted with some chocolate chips and stirred into some rice Chex, making an amazing Nutty Buddy melty mess of awesome.  So, trust me, I'm fine.

Also, Snickers are gluten free.  I checked.

But by not eating a few things I feel amazing.  So amazing.  I feel healthy and strong.  My skin is currently clear.  Clear!  Clear!  For the first time in, um, ever?  Ok, I do have a tiny tiny blister-y thing at my hairline because I got a little cocky and didn't even bother to wash my face for a few days.  Turns out "not prone" and "immune" aren't exactly the same thing.  Whatever, I'll take it!

I did have a serious yuck attack Monday around noon and I'm not sure why.  I have a few suspicions but I don't know how long of a delay to expect between an error in eating and a bad reaction.  It seemed to always be pretty quick -- maybe an hour or two at most-- but my only suspicions were from 4-24 hours earlier. But in general, I feel great.

And since I feel so much better and not like I may need to curl up and be ill at any moment, I've had the energy and confidence to hit the treadmill three times this week.  Three!  (my, oh my, so many exclamation points in this post.)  I've lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks just because I'm slightly paying attention to what I eat and not grazing on cookies and cupcakes leftover at various meetings at school.  Instead I pack a lunch of two oranges, a banana, a salad, some rice, a bag of corn and rice based crunchy things (cereal mostly), some yogurt and coconut--whatever I can find laying around the house, basically.  I could dance, I feel so good.  I do dance.  On the treadmill.  I'm grooving as I'm walking, waving my arms around and doing my little geek-girl-swing.  I just finished the first week of the couch-to-5K running program which has been on my mp3 player since August.  I had not yet managed more than one training session of running consecutively in a given week to advance to week 2 (and had only made about 3 attempts at it in the last 7 months anyhow).

To be clear: I'm not anti-gluten.  If your body can handle it, by all means enjoy your pasta and bread and granola and barley.  Take my share of the cookies.  Eat that breaded fish.  Evidence is pretty strong that my intestines can't handle it.  They get ravaged by it, send my body into a state of inflammation, and generally wreck me.  I'll pass.

I'm happy.  I feel good.  I feel confident in how I look which is nice but not the main point. Better, I feel confident in my body not to break down on me at seemingly random times, and I feel clear-headed and in control for the first time in ages.


  1. Can you just move closer and be my personal cheerleader/encourager/slap on the hand? Because you are doing awesome at this.

  2. Oh, Jill. You know I'd LOVE it.