Sunday, February 19, 2012


The cat has taken a liking to my sewing room.  It's really just a corner of the basement where I have three small tables and several piles of projects in various forms of undone, bags of fabric, bowls and baskets and bags of ribbons, open boxes of fabric scraps, and piles of pillow forms and fiber-fill.  And tote upon tote upon tote of fabric.

Really, I can't imagine why it has taken her this long to claim it.  But she's chosen a few boxes of fabric to nest into and, worse, a corner under a shelf to use as her bathroom.  Yes, she has a litter box.  It's only about 20 feet from her new preferred location.  In fact, she has two litter boxes and both are kept clean.  She's just that annoying.

Rob, being the super amazing awesome man he is, cleaned out the mess late last week and sprayed the whole area with loads and loads of orange-y vinegar (soak orange peels in a spray bottle of white vinegar for a day or two.  Clean all the things.).  Today he took all three kids to his mom's house so I could run some errands, which turned into buying some totes and then gutting and re-organizing the entire room.

Four giant bags of garbage, a box of over 100 veils going to Brides Against Breast Cancer, three blankets worth of fleece prepped to be edged for Project Linus, all of the quilting fabric sorted into 2 bins together, all of the non-quilting fabrics sorted to a different tote, totes dedicated to yarn, totes dedicated to "things to personalize" (cloth diapers, bibs, t-shirts, and towels), totes dedicated to notions (buttons, zippers, clips, hooks, etc), totes for ribbons, totes for jewelry making, bins for beads, a bucket full of glue sticks and other craft essentials, and boxes full of pillow forms and stuffing.

Everything is sealed up against critters and dust.  Now to plan some stash-busting projects to use up the ridiculous volume of materials.

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  1. I have a cat that also won't use the litter box. We call her the "outside" cat now....