Monday, February 27, 2012


I mentioned Jorge's terrible vision a few weeks ago but forgot to follow up.  He had his vision exam last week and, no surprise, his vision is lousy.  So bad, in fact, that the doctor is hesitant to move him straight to his full corrective prescription for fear the huge adjustment will give him headaches, dizziness, and general discomfort.  His new glasses should be ready by mid to late this week and will have lenses about halfway to his necessary prescription.  Once he adjusts to these we'll move to the full prescription later this spring.

I had planned to get 2-3 pair of glasses (they're around $40 each) so he could keep a pair at school and/or home and have a backup in case his usual pair were lost or damaged.  We'll have a protective plan on them, but it may take a week or more to get them fixed if something happens so ideally we'd have a back-up pair (or two).  My mom also pointed out that Jorge is very sensitive to bright light and demands sunglasses all summer long so we'll need to either get some prescription sunglasses or at least some clip-on sunglass lenses to fit his glasses.  However, I'm hesitant to buy any back-up glasses at his temporary prescription knowing they'll all have to be updated within a few weeks.  On the other hand, if he's going to lose or damage them, it seems most likely to happen (at least most frequently) in the first few weeks.  I don't know how much a lens change costs compared to the glasses, but we need to balance risks and costs here.

Jorge is ambivalent toward the glasses.  He talks somewhat happily about their color and design, but then whines that he doesn't want to have to wear them to school.  I think his main concern is the responsibility that will come with them and fearing that he'll be constantly in trouble for mishandling them.  We've tried to assure him that we know they'll probably get lost or dropped sometimes but we'll also do our best to help him remember to always put them in the same spot at night, put them in safe places during the day if he's playing hard, etc.  We had planned to go see The Secret World of Arrietty  (the book was a childhood favorite of mine and of Katie's), but are now waiting until the glasses come in so Jorge can actually see the screen. Hopefully that will be a nice kickoff of his life as a glasses-wearer.


  1. As a long time glasses wearer (as I believe are you and/or your husband), you might consider going ahead and ordering the lenses now, and when it is time to change, just have the optometrist switch out the 1/2 strength lenses and put the full strength lenses in the already in use frames. That way, you don't have to wait days for the change, Nor do you have to buy more frames than you really want. (It sounds like you might have 3 frames for the 1/2 rx, and then another 3 frames for the full rx.) This way, you only buy 3 frames instead of 6.

    As for the safe storage, if there is any part of Jorge that is embarrassed about the glasses, or fearful of classmates teasing, then find a really "cool" way for him to "store" his glasses.

    I am 57 and think it is really cool when I see someone hanging their glasses by one earpiece/arm inside the collar on the back of their shirt (of course this is adults, might not work so well for 5-6 year old. I also saw someone recently who had a sunhat with decorative doughnut style grommets. They had threaded leather through the grommet holes and tied a loop in the leather to fit the earpiece

    GenE Shockley

  2. Thanks, GenE. I have had glasses for 22 years (yeesh!!) and Rob for about 6, though his are only for driving and teaching as needed. So, yes, we've been in the glasses game for awhile.

    So far we haven't ordered any extra anything. I do plan to just have them order in the new lenses to fit his current frames from the primary set and then swap them out in a day or two. If we have at least one back-up pair, he can wear those while his main pair are being updated and then we can update the back-ups once those come in. But as of yet, we don't have any glasses (grrr!!) and I haven't looked into a back-up pair. I'm waiting to see how much it costs to replace lenses to see if it's worth getting a backup to the starter RX or just wait. Hopefully I can get to the stores and find that out today.

    We are hoping to set up a cute basket/case near his loft bed where he can consistently put his glasses at night and have them waiting in the mornings. This will hopefully save us a lot of "where did you take them off?" searching each morning and reduce the likelihood of them being someplace where August finds them or someone sits/steps on them. At school I may get a hard-shell glasses case and attach it inside his backpack or have it in his cubby, but I'll see what the teachers have found to be most successful in their experiences.

    I like those necklace things, too, with a large ring for the earpiece. :)

  3. Yes, Julie you are correct boys are hard on glasses. The first several years Dustin had glasses we were having to get the frames replaced 3 - 4 times each year. We made sure we purchased frames that came with a one year warranty and we just had to pay $15 to cover shipping & handling fee to get new frames shipped to eye dr office. He will be turning 12 in May and has gotten better with them so we're thinking about upgrading him to lenses that transition to sunglasses when you got outside (he is also sensitive to very bright lights and wears a ball cap if he knows he has to be outside for long periods of time since we didn't purchase click on or seperate pair of sunglasses)