Sunday, February 05, 2012


After months of suspicion, we did an at-home eye test on Jorge today just to get some idea of where he is. Right between "bat" and "mole", it seems. He did worse than I did without my glasses! Going to have to move that late March appointment up, I think.

In case you're curious, we used a test from the American Academy of Opthamology and he did the child one. I had him practice a few lines way up close by pointing in the appropriate direction and he had 100% accuracy for identifying the symbols.  So we know it wasn't a matter of understanding and communicating what he saw. The little dude just can't see anything smaller than a dinner plate from across the room.

We also did the test--both adult and child--on Katie who seems to have 20/20 vision.  We'll get a professional check on her eventually, but there doesn't seem to be any need to hurry on that one.  When Rob and I did it with glasses we each scored 20/20, without he was about 20/40 and I was 20/70.  Jorge was around 20/70 but with a handful of errors even on that line.  I wouldn't rely on this test alone to diagnose actual visual strength, but considering how well it fit the known vision strengths of the adults, I'd say it was a pretty reasonable indicator of "dude you need to go seek some professional help."

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