Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's practically un-American to not discuss exercise and weight-loss in early January

So here it is.

Just before I got those surprise double lines announcing August's pregnancy, back in early November 2009, I had just admitted to myself that I was 10 pounds over my desired weight and committed to crossing the street to the gym and working out a few times a week.  I even went out and bought a dedicated gym bag and some work-out clothes that weren't super embarrassing to wear in a co-ed gym where a fair portion were my own students.

And then the wall of pregnancy exhaustion and sick and the busy-ness of trying to maintain work and such in between meant cutting exercise more or less out of my schedule.  After he was born, the nursing and general activities of parenting meant I lost weight quickly and then plateaued or even re-gained a bit and now, here we are.  He's nearly 17 months old, still nursing but not enough to burn all the extra calories I so very much enjoy eating. And even it if were that doesn't touch the issues of muscle tone and strength.  It's time to make a real effort.  (Me and everyone else in the world.  Ah, January.)

For Christmas, we got a Wii Fit and a few games.  Rob also got me an accessory pack I've been wanting to go with an exercise "game" I already had and the Wii board also enables some fun new activities on there.  So working out at home just became a lot more fun.  In fact, we're 10 days in and both still loving it.  And I've lost 5 pounds.

In addition, since Rob's not teaching this fall my schedule has a bit more flexibility in it.  So I'm hoping, once school starts up, to resume a once-a-week habit of hitting the gym for some strength training.

Finally, this may be the year I really commit to running.  The Team-in-Training here works toward a few different marathons and half-marathons and a 100 mile bike ride.  All look very interesting, and 75% or more of the funds raised by runners goes toward cancer research--specifically the type of cancer that took my sister-in-law last spring.  (The rest of the funds go toward the travel and hotel costs of the runner at the marathon.  Each runner is required to raise at least four times the projected cost so that they can claim this high of a yield toward the charity.  If I raise more, say five times the cost, then 80% of my pledges go to the cause, etc.)  I have another week to consider it and the runs are in late May and early June but I'll need to start training soon if I want to go from couch-to-13.1 miles.  I can only think of a few causes that are as dear to us, though, so if anything is going to get me involved this is it.

[There's no point to this post, really.  Sorry.]

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