Thursday, January 05, 2012


We've been getting comments for nearly 2 months now that August needs a haircut.  When it's humid or freshly washed, his curls are tight enough to keep it out of his eyes. But with the drier winter weather, humidity isn't helping and we also do fewer baths so it's been a wispy wave that brushes his nose.  Last night, after seeing him smush his sweet-potato-covered hands through it again to get it out of his eyes, I gave in.  I only trimmed the top since the sides and back have much tighter curls and are close to his head already.

It's not great--I'm a mediocre beautician at best and curls are their own challenge--but he hasn't had to swipe at his bangs all morning.  On the upside, the shorter hair curls better so he's back to being curlier than before.  (The downside is I hadn't accounted for this so it looks shorter than I'd expected.  Curly hair really is a challenge to cut!)  And I have a big lock of golden curl to put in his baby book, if I ever find it back and opt to fill it in.


  1. Boo. You didn't show a pic of the cute new haircut. (grin)

    GenE Shockley

  2. Amen about curly hair. Both my girls are curly and it is something else to deal with. But I love it. Oh! So cute. Just like August's curls - beautiful.