Monday, January 23, 2012

Good News Bad News

Good news: August slept well last night, only waking up at 1:45 from the endless teething and then 4 for a feeding.  Yes, this is what we call "well."  The 4 nights before that he woke up every single hour.

Bad News: I still had to get up at 4.

Good News: I did!  I showered and dressed all professionally and got my already-packed lunch out and was ready to leave on time.

Bad News: I remembered that Katie had put a note and tooth under her pillow last night and the tooth fairy had not yet written her letter in response or put money under the pillow.

Good News: I printed out a letter in time and made the switch.  I was still ready to leave fairly early.

Bad News: The car was dead.

Good News yesterday: August fell asleep in the car and Jorge was so sweet and considerate that he actually got out of the car and quietly half-shut the door rather than slamming it and waking him. 

Bad News yesterday: Meanwhile I got all the groceries out and went back to fetch August from the other door, and completely forgot to close Jorge's door correctly.

So, I went back in the house and answered a dozen "hi Prof, I know the first assignment is due today but I still haven't managed to get my act together to buy a book so I can't do it.  Fix it for me." emails.  I figured Rob and the kids were going right past my office on the way to their school and I'd get dropped off.

Bad News: Katie woke up sick.

Good News: I was home already to help.  Rob jumped the battery.  I can drive Jorge to school so Katie can stay home and rest with Rob and August.  And then Katie can help keep August slightly entertained while Rob works on building the bunk beds for the boys room that are going to be part of Jorge's birthday present.

And I get to go deal with my 175 students.

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  1. I think out of all this good news, bad news, it's the ending that scares me the most. I hope Katie feels well soon and the students are empathetic and selfless. My toes are crossed.