Monday, January 02, 2012

"...and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!"

The kids are back at school!

(And the parents are NOT!)

Everyone take a moment to enjoy that.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My school duties officially start in 2.5 weeks when all the college kids return and classes kick in.  Rob is taking this semester off from teaching since the only class they had for him to teach was a night class on Monday/Weds which would mean every M/W I'd rush home from my last class of a long day of teaching just as he would be rushing out the door to get to his campus (just after he would be rushing home from picking up the big kids from school) and then I'd have the solo duty of getting Katie to ballet on Monday and CCD classes on Wednesday and putting all three kids through dinner and bedtime alone.  I realize this is basically reality for many families five nights a week and we're very very very blessed to be able to just opt out of that level of stress (and even if we did it, we'd be talking two times a week), and we're so grateful for the freedom we have to choose that Rob just not work one semester.  Really, we know how spoiled we are.  Really.

But teaching is only the front-end of my job.  I jumped back into the work routine this morning, handling letters of recommendation for students, scheduling presentations in seminars, strategizing for paper re-submissions, planning new projects, arranging my syllabus for the upcoming semester, writing some new homework project plans, responding to future students who are already emailing me questions, and participating in a flurry of emails about departmental issues.  Of course, this back-end and research part can be done in my yoga pants and headband, barefoot at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee while watching August figure out his Christmas toys, so our definition of "work" is again one that we are very very blessed to have.

And in between, we're pacing the house with garbage bags.  Tossing expired medicines and dried up markers and stretched out ponytail holders and holey socks into to the trash.   Donating things that shrank in the wash or will likely never fit again or have been upgraded twice already and are now in the role of "back-up to the back-up" and really just need to move on and be used by someone else.  Without the kids underfoot to insist that that empty yogurt cup and broken rubber band are so dear and precious, we're making some real headway through the clutter.  Again, so so blessed.  We know.

Happy new year.  May we all be blessed in 2012 with more than we deserve and the perspective to see just how much we have!

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  1. Ditto to your closing paragraph. Happy New Year, friend.